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Domestic Sales (The BUD Fund)

What is the BUD Fund ?

“Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales” (the BUD Fund) aims to
provide funding support to assist Hong Kong enterprises in exploring and developing the
Mainland China market and he ASEAN markets through developing brands, upgrading and
restructuring operations and promoting domestic sales in the Mainland.

What is the funding amount?

Funding will be provided on a matching basis, the Government will cover a maximum of 50% of
the total approved project cost and the enterprise has to contribute no less than 50% of the
total approved project cost.

The cumulative funding ceiling per enterprise under the “Mainland Programme” is
HK$1,000,000 while the cumulative funding ceiling per enterprise under the “ASEAN
Programme” is HK$1,000,000. (Including audit fee).

Which countries are included?

Countries Included

Mainland, Macau, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia,
Myanmar,Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, Australia,
Chile, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Georgia and
New Zealand

Japan and Korea

Phase 1 (Included)

Phase 2
(2022 Season One)

Austria, Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union, Denmark, Finland,
France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden and the
United Kingdom

Phase 3
(2022 Season Two)

Kuwait and United Arab Emirates

Application Timeline

Submit the

Offer Letter

Required documents

Panel Confirmation

Granted Funding

Granted Funding

1 Month.png

1 Month

3 Month

Experienced and Professional Team

We create stories that give
meaning to your brand. We
revamp your brand to create new ways to market your brand to discover endless opportunities.


Branding and
Marketing Strategies

We provide comprehensive
analysis of financial status and develop various financial planning plans.


MPF and
Financial Planning

From design to execution, we
help your brand to develop a
new and unique image.


Brand Image

Creating content that is specific for your business so social media users can find your content engaging and relatable.


Content Marketing

From design to execution, we help developing new product and
manage OEM, ODM, OBM.


Product Design
and manufacture

We provide one-stop service for exhibition planning. We have participated in over 400 exhibiton in Hk, Mainland and Overseas.


Exhibition Experience

BUD Funding
Q And A

  • Q: Does this need to be repaid to the government? 此項資助需要還款嗎
    A: No, it does not. A: 不需要,BUD是一項政府資助,完全不需要還款。
  • Q: How do I know I am able to apply for the fund? 如何合乎申請資格
    A: You must have a Hong Kong Registered Business (BR), have an operating business and you are not a listed company. Even if you do not have any business outlets in the mainland region or ASEAN countries, you are still eligible to apply for this fund. You also required to have: - MPF records, business invoices and audit report A: 你需在香港持有商業登記,在香港有實質業務運作,且為非上市企業,即符合申請資格。即使你在申請企業的中國大陸或自貿地區並沒有業務,亦可申請BUD專項基金。 你需擁有以下條件 - 香港商業登記 - 非上市公司 - 在香港有實質業務 - 聘請員工記錄、商業交易、繳稅記錄或審計報告等
  • Q: What types of advertisements are eligible to apply? 廣告開支可獲資助嗎? 有沒有甚麼限制
    A: Overall, most advertisements such as digital marketing ads, TV ads, Radio Ads, News Paper Ads to name a few. The entire budget of the advertisements is 50% of the projected amount. A: 一般而言,廣告開支(例如網上廣告、電視、電台、報紙、網上或戶外廣告)都可申請資助。廣告預算支出上限為整個項目總預算開支的50%。廣告的相關開支,包括聘請廣告代言人,拍攝照片/視像短片及廣告設計等費用,需包括在廣告開支內。
  • Q: How do you identify how much is my company able to apply? 如何評估自己公司能申請的資助額為多少
    A: This is dependent on your annual turnover, amount of people that work for you, etc. The larger your business scale is the easier it is apply for the full amount. A: 資助額是根據公司的年度營業額、員工人數、生產規模及業務範圍,如營業額、員工人數及生產規模足夠大,申請的資助越高,且通過批核的時間快。
  • Q: Do you require to have the licenses at the aimed locations? 必須持有目標市場的相關執照/資格/認證嗎
    A: It depends on your business nature, please ask our professionals to assist you to confirm with the government. As a whole, some of the industries that require special permits are food and beverage, medicine, cross border platforms, education and publishing requires permits. If you are unable to obtain these certificates you are therefore unable to apply for the funding. A:視乎業務性質 —— 請儘早與相關市場的政府機關確認。 一般而言,受管制行業(如食品、醫療、跨境電商、教育、出版等)或涉及產品銷售或代理的業務或項目,需要在持有目標市場的相關執照/資格/認證下進行。另外,如未能提供相關許可證明文件,項目將不獲資助。如有疑問,請與相關市場的政府機關聯絡。
  • Q: Do you have to have a working location in the aimed place for the funding in order to apply? 需已在目標市場擁有分公司才能申請嗎
    A: No, the BUD fund is a funding that aims to assist you to move outside of Hong Kong. A: 不一定,視乎行業和項目計劃而定。 某些情況下,申請者或需先在目標市場建立分公司,才能執行項目措施和取得當地營業證照,以滿足「BUD專項基金」的申請要求。

Funded Project


New Department Set Up
(400K Max)

New HK/ Local Employee
(1000K Max)

Machine and Equipment
(1400K Max)

Online Promotion
(1000K Max)

Website Set Up/ Revamp
(100K Max)

 Apps Development
(1000K Max)

Online Shop

Product Design and Manufactures


Product Mock Up
(600K Max)

(400K Max)


Digital Marketing
Plan For China Market

圖層 3.png

01 Applying for a mainland            approved TikTok Ad account


02 TikTok account opening


03 Account Settings


04 Video production


05 TikTok marketing and ad           management


06 Data Analysis



Includes the following:



Includes the following:

01 Applying for a mainland 

    approved WeChat Page


02 Account Settings and



03 Content Writing and Marketing


04 Graphic Design for Moments

     Data Analysis 


05 WeChat pay set up


06 WeChat store set up


07 App and WeChat website 




Includes the following:

01 Open an account for Baidu


02 Account Settings and       


03 Content Writing and           


04 Data Analysis


05 A minimum of 20-30               keywords


06 Keyword Optimisation

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